Steakhouse rodizio restaurant. We have been serving tender, mouth–watering meat, along with delicious seafood and vegetarian dishes since 1993. Our original location is in Cambridge (near Inman Square) and our second location is on Rte 1 North in Saugus.

Sit down in our spacious restaurant and enjoy a unique experience, Barbecue Rodizio. You will be treated like royalty as our friendly staff brings you skewers loaded with a wide variety of perfectly grilled and seasoned meats. Eat all you want, enjoy our service and in the evenings, live music.

When you order Rodizio, make your way to our hot food buffet and cold salad stations. Help yourself to our many choices.

Once back at your table, a seemingly endless stream of waiters will circulate with skewers full of meat, fresh from the grill. You’ll be offered as much as you like of any item. We suggest you dig right in, because before you know it, another waiter will be offering another choice and so on…

Secret: Don’t take too much of any one item or you’ll run out of space before you’ve tasted them all. Your favorites will be back around, piping hot before you know it.

Sooner or later, you will be full. Everyone has their limit! Simply tell the waiter you’ve had enough.

Over 1.5 million people served!